Feline Sociopath Ranger


Physical Appearance:

Vusa is an anthropomorphic cat. This would mean that in addition to stuff like:

Age: 17

Height: Fairly Tall

Weight: Light

Weapon of Choice: English Longbow

You’d also get stuff like:

Fur: Orange, a bit coarse.

Markings: Faint leopard-like spots. Bare patch around his neck where his collar used to be. (Bonus points: guess the literary reference!)

Hairballs coughed up under your bed: 3

So now that we’re done with that furfaggotry, let’s get back to things like:

Likes: Practicing archery, being outside, warm mead, small bugs.

Dislikes: Being touched, being stared at, being glanced at, being ignored for too long, things that don’t die when he forces them to, birds, large bugs, being rewarded with yarn.

Fun Facts about Vusa in lieu of an actual background:

- He was taken from his mother at infancy, found by a roaming band of soldiers for an insignificant little warlike kingdom. As his mother lay on the grass, bleeding from her stomach due to a spear-sized perforation, kept screaming, “Vusa! Vusa!” as the guards picked up her tiny cub and secured it in their caravan. Through this, the soldiers deduced that the child’s name must be Vusa.

- Translated from traditional Khatid tongue, a rough translation of ‘Vusa’ would be “Incestuous son of a diseased whore”.

- Vusa grew up thereafter in a spacious iron cage, located in the lackluster throne room of an insignificant little warlike king. He had witnessed many beheadings, beatings, rapes, castrations, and was quickly desensitized to the idea of violence. For all of the horrible things he had witnessed, whenever the king threw a victim into the cage of his Terribly Hungry Savage Beast, the beast was not Terribly Hungry, and not quite Savage either. He was just sort of confused. Needless to say, the insignificant little warlike king was disappointed.

- What the insignificant little warlike king did not know, was that one of Yorick, one of his guards, had developed something of a friendship with the cat. Vusa, with a tongue akin to sandpaper and teeth not suited for much else than spinal cords, had quite a bit of difficulty learning to communicate with the young man. But with perseverance, he learned. Soon, Yorick would bring Vusa out for patrols in secret. The smell of the wild brought Vusa’s instincts back to him rather suddenly, filling him with indescribable urges and an almost manic energy.

- One night, Yorick brought Vusa with him as he practiced his archery. Vusa was captivated by the sheer skill with which he wielded his bow. Vusa watched and practiced with him, night after night. “Archery,” Yorick said, “is a mastery of instinct. You may be able to kill a hare after a chase, but if you can learn to focus your instincts, your prey will never see you coming.”

- A few years later, Vusa and Yorick had returned from a night of hunting in the nearby forest. Vusa did not want to return to his cage, but Yorick knew that if he stayed out any longer, the king would notice. Yorick tried to coerce Vusa into his cage, but Vusa still would not move. Yorick heard the king approaching, and in a fit of desperation pushed Vusa into his cage. Before he knew what was going on, Vusa was back on his feet, his ears flattened against his head and his eyes focused acutely on Yorick. He did not see or hear his friend, he only saw a threat. A threat with a jugular vein.

Vusa regained consciousness rather quickly after tasting his friend’s blood. The king had witnessed the bloody spectacle, and was busy trying to think of a way to express joy. Vusa threw up. He shook violently, thinking of what he must have done to his friend. He ran right out of the room, out of the kingdom that day. He has not stopped running since.


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